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Young Man explains how his pastor impregnated his girlfriend and forced him to marry her


A young man has given a sad account of how his own pastor, one he trusts the most impregnated his girlfriend of 4 years and forced him to marry her.

The Young man speaking in an interview narrated how it all started. According to him whiles chronicling this sad distress to the host, he met the girl in 2015 where they fell in love with each other.

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Their relationship started off well as it grew to a stage where they wanted to finally get married and settle down and live happily ever after.

The troubled young man mentioned that during his four years relationship with the lady, they never got intimate. No sekx, no kissing, no of anything that could lead them to bed.

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The man said these righteous principles were from the lady to him. Because he loved her he obeyed and strictly followed for the good of them.

Very strong to the Christian faith, he complied with the demands of the girl. He did this to strengthen the relationship, he loved her more than anything else.

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He revealed during the interview that the lady(his girlfriend who he married) was staying at the mission house together with his pastor for years.

Indeed, her behaviour depicted someone who has been well nurtured from a good home, the man said.

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Fast-forward, the man told the host that he went ahead to marry the lady somewhere last year.

All the needful family rites were done perfectly. A grand wedding followed a day after the engagement ceremony.

Now, this is where the sad story begins; The man very sad disclosed that at their honeymoon after the wedding, there he got to know that his newly wedded wife was pregnant.

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He got to know when he tried to have sex with her. But to his surprise the lady was not a virgin, she was pregnant already. Heartbreaking!

He got angry. He then asked his wife who got her pregnant, she lied. According to him, his wife told him that she got raped by armed robbers.

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Long story short, it was after his wife delivered the baby that she revealed to her that the pastor they both know whom she stayed with impregnated her.


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