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You’ll see poverty before you go to grave’ – Anell Agyapong’s mother curses Kennedy Agyapong


Mother of Kennedy Agyapong’s daughter, Anell Agyapong, Moira Dawson-William has cursed the lawmaker indicating he will become poor for also cursing her daughter.

Moira Dawson-William who is totally pissed of by the way the Ghanaian politician is dragging their daughter’s little butts on social media over her private life invoked curses on him, saying he’ll become a pauper before he dies in a Facebook Livestream.

Kennedy Agyapong expressed his joy while narrating how one of his children who was very brilliant daughter was wayward and he had decided not to take care of her again.

Anell on father’s day wished her father the best of the day and asked that he finds a place in his heart to forgive her.

But Kennedy Agyapong who did not know why he should forgive her after doing that several times said instead of forgiving her and agreeing to pay her fees, he will rather use the money to sleep with a professional sex worker so he contracts the deadly HIV/AIDS.

Moira Dawson-William reacting said, Kennedy, will lose all his riches and will have to sell his belongings before he can provide himself with food.

“You will be poor such that you’ll sell all what you have made for yourself. I will buy these belongings before you can fend for yourself and family.

Even If I can’t buy anything I will buy a fork. You will be poor and you will come begging me for handouts to survive.”

Moira angrily spat these words after Kennedy Agyapong spitefully rejected her daughter’s apology over their ongoing feud.

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