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You Are Not Suppose To Marry If You Are Born On These Two Days -Religious Leader Warns


A popular Ghanaian religious leader commonly known as Ajagurajah has asserted that those born on Tuesday and Friday are not supposed to marry.

His comment attracts much attention and also generates mixed reactions from social media users, leaving many in a total dismay.

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He made this known in an interview with Zion Felix, when the latter asked some series of questions relating to marriage, and what couples should look out for before tying the knot.

The religious leader tagged as pastor gave a series of advice which are already well known which are the blood test, DNA, investigate for illness in each partner’s family etc. He however, makes mention that nowadays couples are not carrying this out fully. He thus Advices that partners carry this out with due diligence.

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Bishop Asiamah went on contribute further to the discussion by stating that under normal circumstances some people born on certain days are supposed to choose their partners more carefully.

Zion Felix intrigued probed to find out more. The pastor then went on and stated that under normal circumstances, Those born on Fridays and those born on Tuesdays are not compatible with each other. He gives the explanation that the day Friday is associated with the element of fire, and the day Tuesday is associated with the element of wind.

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Thus when the two elements come together, fire is increased. The pastor provides examples stating that it all began when he was in a relationship with a lady. He narrates that he noticed they were always in heated arguments.

He goes on to state that by consulting those more experienced and by conducting his own surveys he realized that in more cases than normal, Fridays and Tuesday relationships often had some level of conflict to them.

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He states, it doesn’t mean all relationships between the two-day Borns are all conflict-plagued, but he does advise that there are some steps or traditions to perform if the two-day Borns stated want to be together.


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