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UDS Lecturer invents a handwashing device used by 4 people at a time


Dr. Courage Kosi Setsoafia Saba, a Senior Lecturer at the University for Development Studies(UDS) has invented a handwashing machine that four persons can wash at a time.

In the wake of the novel coronavirus disease pandemic, hand washing has become critical in containing the spread of the disease, prompting Ghanaian innovators to come out with inventions in that direction.

Dr Saba’s device relies on the feet to operate, meaning that one does not need to touch the device with their hand, which is critical in avoiding infection.

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An excited Dr Saba wrote of his invention “Once again, the Saba Innovation Hub has successfully launched a new design of the SabaWash hand washing device.

SabaMultiWash!!! The first multi handwashing device to hit the Ghanaian Market!

It is designed for four people to wash their hands at a time with the water, soap and the dustbin operated with the foot to avoid your hands from touching a tap that may contaminate your hands.

This has been built specifically for large public gatherings such as schools, mosques, churches, markets, banks etc. It can also be customised!

To avoid the long queues and limited space for hand washing devices…” He announced.

Dr Saba has been innovating various devices to help in the fight against COVID-19.

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Source: My News GH


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