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UCC students lives in danger as Armed Robbers attack students on campus


Within a month, crime rate at University of Cape Coast has increased, putting the lives of students in fear and panic. Students are not able to move about on campus freely at night including day time.

During the last two weeks, students in level 200 and level 300 were asked to report to school to complete their 2019/2020 academic year. It is expected that students have sound mind to study and prepare for their examination but that is not the case here.

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Some group of armed robbers attack students at their hostels, take their belongings and if care is not taken you will be raped if you’re a female.

According to some of the students, This situation has happened more then three times since they reported to school. An example is when they attacked a hostel and raped a student in front of her boyfriend.

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Just today, students were at the lecture halls learning when this criminals attacked them took their phones and laptops. According to some of the students they came with guns.

The crime is becoming too much and the students are calling on the school authorities and the Ghana police service to help protect their lives and properties on campus.

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