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The Big Reason why JJ Rawlings Not In Good Terms With NDC Members Before His Death Revealed


It was so surprising that the founder of a political party will lose tiding with his own political party, thereby refraining himself from major activities that concern the progress of the New Democratic Congress party.

Alhaji Sani, one of the founding members explained the reasons why the former president, the late Jerry John Rawlings had challenges with some of his own party members and was not actively involved in their political activities.

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Tiding relationship with president Akuffo Addo

Speaking on a Kumasi based radio station, Akoma FM in an interview, Alhaji Sani said, “In the latter days, the problem some of us had with Rawlings was the fact that we didn’t understand why he became close to Akufo-Addo. When you ask him about Akufo-Addo he says he (Akufo-Addo) was incorruptible. That was our major problem with Rawlings.”

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According to Alhaji Sani the major cause of the problem that arouse between JJ Rawlings and some key members of the party was due to the fact that he established a strong tiding with their main opponent, President Akuffo Addo. And when asked for reasons, JJ Rawlings will say that President Akuffo Addo is not corrupt.

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The behavior of some key members

Alhaji Sani went on further to explained that some key members of the party were putting up some behavior that JJ Rawlings seemed not to like. And these people were not likely to change, therefore he had no option than to refrain himself from them.

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Alhaji Sani added further that, the party could not prevent Jerry John Rawlings from having a good relationship with President Akuffo Addo. However, what they were expecting was that he remained committed to his party besides every odd.

“Some of us thought that no matter how the situation in our party is, he should have been with us. However, as a human being, he also had his own reasons why he did that”, Alhaji Sani said.

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“At this time, we needed him because he had become a statesman,” he added.

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