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Police finally arrests the malam who instructed the teenagers to kill the boy for money rituals


Some few days ago,the country came to a stand still after news broke of two teenagers of ages 15 and 16 respectively who murdered 11 year old boy by name Ishmael for sakawa.

News of their atrocious act left everybody in shock.And the question on everybody’s lips was what could have left them to do such a thing.We later got to find out it was an instruction from a mallam.Who instructed them to bring the dead body of a boy to help them get money quickly.

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Fast forward, News coming in indicated that the said Mallam who gave the instructions to these teenagers have been arrested in amanasi in Suhum after so many hide and seek with the police.DSP Irene oppong comfirmed his arrest with a reporter from Angel tv.

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Dsp Irene together with the MCE visited the families to encourage and assurethe families and the entire country that Justice will be served.

Family of the deceased have also asked the police to help them by releasing their little boy Ishmael so they can lay him to rest since it is their religion not to keep the deceased for too long.


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