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Photos: 33-year-old woman caught for using hum@n parts as “kyinkyinka” and sell to customers


33 years old woman who lived in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana has been arrested for using human body for kebab for almost 8 years. This woman has been selling kebab for 8 years without using animal’s meat, what she does is that, she kidnaps children and kills them for kebab and also uses her boyfriend for the kebab business too.

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According to the confession she makes, she has never reject marriage proposal before no matter how you are because she mean business, since you are dating her, she will invite you for dinner and poison you to death, afterwards she keep the body in the until she sell all of them.

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She cut the body into pieces and do all the necessary preparation and send it to market for selling, the woman also said about 50 peoples buys her kebab per day and she has saved almost seventy-eight million at the bank.

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The community she lived in suspected her and decided to monitor her for some time, one day this woman sent a small boy to her house around 5pm and one of the members in the community saw her, so they decided to monitor the whole night but they never saw the child coming out from her house.

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So early in the morning the elders with the youth in the town rushed her in the house, search the whole house and find two open up death body, and call for the police to arrest her. So the woman is in police custody.

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Check the photos below;


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