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I have a nice and tight Tonga which is very sweet, if any man chop it, he can’t stop loving me-Slay Queen claims


According to this Actress and s-x therapist, every man who tastes her “meatpie” would stick to her because it tastes great and she’s heavenly gifted with killer s..exx moves.

Mama Lege as fondly called warned women to upgrade their “tonga” else should forget about having their men all by themselves.

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In an interview with Adepa TV, she revealed that a lot of married men and those in serious relationships creep like termites into her DM on a daily basis all because her ‘tonga’ is tight and sweet.

The reason why all these men are ready to pay her millions is that she has upgraded her ‘tonga’ to the highest level of sweetness and tightness according to the her.

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She continued that a lot of women hates her because she has tight and sweet ‘tonga’ which rich men crave for.

Watch the video below:


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