Home Crime Huge Nigerian group operating 419 scam in Ghana arrested (Video)

Huge Nigerian group operating 419 scam in Ghana arrested (Video)


It has become a common scene to see young Africans operating 419 scams instead of working. Young people of nowadays want quick money instead of going through the hard way. Well, Tellghana.net has gotten footage of a huge Nigerian 419 scam group.

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The Nigerians have been in Ghana for a long time now and have been up to nothing but milking innocent people off their hard earned cash. What is shocking is their huge number. Police upon tip off went in to round them up and were surprised at what they found. 29 energetic young boys were working at a large cozy room with fans and airconditions with modern and sleek laptops. They were all Nigerians not even a single Ghanaian was among them, this further tarnishes the image of the Africa’s biggest economy.

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Fellow young men and women who want to make it, 419 scams is not the way to go, please find a good job else you will swap your nice room for a smelly and bad one.

Watch the video below:

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