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APPLY: Data collectors needed for immediate temporary employment


Company Profile
The Universal Developers Consultancy (UniDeC) was registered in 2009. UniDeC works with public and private, local and international, research and development organizations to help poor people, especially women and children who lack access to resources, services, or opportunities to improve their Education and livelihoods.

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UniDeC has a team of research and development experts who provide consultancy in Educational Programme Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects, Water Resources and Environmental Auditing and Agriculture Value Chain Networking.

UniDeC also provides support services in Dissemination of Improved Technologies and Practices, Translation
from English to Ghanaian Languages, and Organizing Workshops and Conferences.

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UniDeC is inviting applications from qualified persons to work as enumerators and qualitative interviewers for an evaluation exercise in Ghana.

Required Skills and Experience Candidate must have a minimum of a tertiary qualification (Degree) preferably masters with a research background, the applicant should have experience in Quantitative/Qualitative data collection especially in
the field of education and livelihoods.

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Ability to communicate very well in at least two (2) of the following language(s):
AOti Region: Ewe/Basare/Twi
Volta Region: Ewe/Twi
Greater Accra Region: Twi/Ga/Hausa
• Readiness to travel to remote communities for data collection
• Ability to read alphanumeric characters with minimal error
• Ability to mobilize communities.
• Strong technological skills with hands-on experience in using Microsoft Teams for meetings and workspace and also electronic data collection platform like Kobo Collect, etc
• Availability to work full-time during the period of data collection.
• Availability to attend a pre-field training on methodology and pre-testing of tools
• Have a working laptop of your own.

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How to Apply

Applicants should submit a two page CV and a cover letter and attach copies of educational certificates to recruitment.unidec21.gh@gmail.com

Subject: Enumerators for Data Collection and Research (add the region of preference eg Oti,GA,Volta)
Note: Applicants should be living in the region of their preferred choice
All applications are to be received no later than January, 17th 2021
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted to attend an interview
For inquiries call 0267306715


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