Home Crime Angry Policeman Shoots Girlfriend For Breaking Up With Him-VIDEO

Angry Policeman Shoots Girlfriend For Breaking Up With Him-VIDEO


There is a viral video which captured a young lady severely wounded on her mouth, supposedly being orchestrated by a police officer.

It is however, established the lady is the girlfriend of the police officer who decided to quit the relationship, hence resulted to this unfortunate incident.

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The lady has been shot in her mouth by a police officer who happens to be her boyfriend.

According to the brother of the victim, the police officer who shot her sister did that out of spite.

The officer shot the girl on the mouth all because she broke his heart according to the brother of the lady.

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Videos that has surfaced on the internet sees the lady profusely bleeding in the mouth and sympathizers gathered around her trying to help.

Upon hitting social media, the video is meet with mixed reactions having majority expressing their disappointment.

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