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TellGhana is your number one Health, Education, News, entertainment, lifestyle, and technology publishing site and everything related to the country Ghana and outside Ghana. Aside from Education and entertainment from Ghana, we offer intensive computer learning and other computer programs for technology enthusiasts to benefit from here.

TellGhana portal was designed and launched by a certain man called DANIEL BOATENG popularly known as MR. Finest, A renowned IT specialist and operates in Ghana. Through his creative and innovative ideas, he has decided to help the young and old intellectuals to acquire skills and knowledge in a computer so as to help them get jobs for the development of the nation.
Also, we are making it possible to bring a platform where Ghanaians can express their own opinion for millions to see.

We are very grateful to our team of editors who use their valuable time to write and edit articles and update the site with the necessary information in and outside Ghana. We make sure we get meaningful information from a wide range of competent media men or women and other sources in order to ensure a well-balanced coverage that will benefit our readers.

We always update the site to ensure friendliness to our readers so as to reach millions of people in and outside Ghana. Our developers are working hard to ensure fast loading of pages and the rest for the site to run smoothly.

Our visitors are primarily Ghanaian but due to the computer tutorials we post on the portal, many visitors outside Ghana read from here.

Our main aim is to become the biggest technology, education, and entertainment site in and outside Ghana. The idea behind this is because we have a team of competent writers and editors who are willing to provide valuable content that will help readers to do their research.

If you want to speak to us or share your opinions with us, please contact us below

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