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A Pastor caught with his bag full of strange items [SEE PHOTOS]


Per the photos scooped by our portal captured a man supposedly being a pastor doing what seems strange to residents.

Money is definitely good that everyone in this life wants because nobody can cope with nearly everything without it, we need it to meet fundamental needs and, if possible, also have a secure and luxurious life.

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But it has clearly become the source of all bad in our business, as good, valuable, and necessary as money is, many people are willing to do nothing wrong.

Unfortunately, some religious leaders are also not left out of the unbelievable quest for money. They should show people the right way to follow and not do.

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See people’s reactions below:

A middle-aged male pastor from the State of Edo in the local government district of Imiringi, Bayelsa, who posed as a pastor was caught in his bag with many strange items, such as photos, pants of women, a big Bible, and other things.

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